Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My newest Gocco print will be in a new show coming up on April 3rd at the Pony Club Gallery in lovely Portland, Oregon! 5 colour (gold, purple, red, orange, white) print on watercolour paper:

"As Above, Soul Below"
"As Above, Soul Below"
© 2008 Dalton Webb

The Pony Club is opening a new show on "Magik" for the first Thursday art walk on April 3rd in lovely downtown Portland. The gallery has some awesome artists showing that night. There will also be a closing show on April 27th after the Stumptown Comics Festival! I won't be at the opening but I will be at the closing! More info on the postcards below:



Every morning I would see her waiting at the stop

Sometimes she would stop and she would show me what she'd bought .. Here's the next page. Only one page today because I'm about to run out.

page five

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Next up

In the empire of the senses! Here's the second installment of this story. Things are beginning to happen. You remember what had gone before? Here's the new.

page three
page four

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, it's a bruising, shattering ride, but I cannot deny myself this luxury. Enclosed are two links to new pages, the first two pages of a projected forty page story that I spent all last year kicking myself for not working on, and finally crapped out on. You Mr. Sadhead friends remember me going on about this at some length in the past year. So you can see what I was all upset about. It might have been better emotionally for me to just sit down and draw the damned thing.
Here are the pages. I hope to add a new page for you to see every Tuesday until I run out of them, and maybe you can hype me into continuing with this project. Love you lots, MC.

Page one

Page two

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Radio show about comic books

I have an audio interview up at Inkstuds.com


Interview with Fine Comxxen Tatiana Gill about my new book, Pictures of You

with the intrepid Inkstud host, Robin McConnell

replete with Cure music